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Literature and Business

If you look at Short's background (http://www.sba.pdx.edu/faculty/jeremys/js.html), you'll see that he's done quite a bit of traditional research, and published a number of essays. You might ask why he uses stories. Short gives one reason. He says, "People aren't going to remember a long list of boring facts. But they will remember a story" (cited in Steinlager, 2003, p. 17).

I'll ask you why that might be, especially in business. If the facts are what matter, why will people remember a story more? And are there other reasons besides ease of memory why one might teach a business principle with a story?

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This is actually funny because people go to business school to learn of these big complicated principles and only remember those they read about in the news. The reason is that many business principles mirror each other with only minor differences ...