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    Historical Films in Modern Times

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    Although historians might disagree about historical events in films, does this discredit historical films if the audience comes away with deeper emotions, feelings and understanding, as well as the devastation and affect of that event in history? Is Hollywood's job to tell the truth or to entertain, inform, and keep audiences interested and engaged in the film? Can directors and filmmakers take a certain point of view to explore an era in history, use their creativity and visual images, distort some past truths, relate some truths and give an understanding and account of history?

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    These are actually some very good questions! One of my favorite films of all time is Amadeus which is a highly entertaining movie about the life of Mozart. Being a classical musician, I absolutely love watching this movie because it is so entertaining. However, at the same time it also makes me cringe with the historical inaccuracies found within the film. And this unfortunately is true with most films! Most of the time, what 'sells' in the box office trumps historical accuracy just to make the film more entertaining to viewers. Not to say that historical accuracy does not occur as well. Mixing the two becomes the job of the director ...

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