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Health and Exercise: Exercise

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Take a concept (such as education, individuality, authority, crime, or art) and try to discover something new about it--something that somebody may not have thought of. Answer the following questions for me: What is it? What particular behaviors are associated with it? What responsibilities come with it? What hidden role does it play in people's lives? I am self learing student if you assist me i am very happy.

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I discovered something recently about health and wellness. It came as a big surprise to me because I work in a gym and also as a health professional. The big secret no one realizes is you can't work yourself thin. Exercise is important but even more important is healthy living: you must eat the right foods, in reasonable portions, and be active throughout your day.

Getting thirty minutes of exercise on most days is beneficial but health and wellness starts at a much ...

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This solution outlines a concept and discovers a new twist on it. It involves exercise and eating in daily life.