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    Exercise, Cardiovascular health and healthy Aging

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    I need help getting started with paper discussing the benefits of exercising for the elderly, the types of heart disease risk factors that can be eliminated or modified, and which of these factors most significantly affect healthy aging. I need scholarly sources with response.

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    Exercise is a secondary prevention method used to improve health and survival of people with coronary heart disease. This is especially true of people ages 65 and older. The other prevention methods most used are stopping smoking, managing other conditions such as weight, diabetes, and hypertension, and making sure depression, socialization, and other psychosocial needs are met.

    Standardized exercise programs help improve functionality and so should not be limited to the structured programs offered by health agencies and rehabilitation. Occupational ...

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    The solution provides assistance in tackling the task set in the original problem (see above). It provides assistance in putting together a paper that discusses the benefits of exercise for the elderly, in particular the types of heart disease that can be avoided or eliminated as well as the effects exercise can have in aging in a healthy manner. Resources are included in the text.