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    editorial from a newspaper, magazine or online news source

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    Details: Select an editorial from a newspaper, magazine or online news source on a topic of your interest. Respond (in detail) to the following questions and requirements by writing a paragraph for the selected article:

    â?¢Who is the author and what is the topic of the article?
    â?¢What is the authorâ??s point of view?
    â?¢What details should the author have included in the article to make his point more persuasive and more understandable?
    â?¢Did the voice and point of view of the author change?
    â?¢Quote any passages that you think were especially descriptive or memorable.
    â?¢Where do you think the article lies on a continuum of effectiveness? Your choices are very effective, effective, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory.
    Provide proper citations and references in APA format.

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    For the student,
    Thank you for choosing Brainmass. Please note carefully that we are not a direct homework writing website. My job is assisting you on homework assisngments which is different from writing it all for you. I will point out examples and also show you how to handle it for completing it without hassle. Therefore, you will have to follow my guidelines step-by-step to finish this assignment at ease. Without further lecturing, I'll begin with the following steps.

    First of all, please do refer to the Online News Article. I have attached that for you under the first attached document that will come with the responses to this posting. The reason that I chose this article was because this particular author based his ideas around the economy status of our country today. I thought it was a very resourceful article for you to read. It's not a long one, so I suggest that you read it thoroughly to answer these journal-like questions. Thus, please go through each section of the article carefully which is not hard to grasp at all.

    1. Who is the author and what is the topic of the article?
    As for the first question, it's stated right under the title of the article, so you should be able to locate the answer to that question. Please refer to the attached article. (This assignment is all about your opinion as well, so I can't answer directly for you but will help you find where answers are in this particular article I have found for you.)

    2. To answer the next question, "What is the author's point of view?", you should focus on the author's own opinions about the central issue (current economic crisis and industries that may not come out of the recession) of this article.
    This section from the article seemed to have come from the author's own words; in other words, he may have added his own point of view after looking up some necessarily researched information about what he was writing about. ...

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