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Concepts of Setting, Character and Plot in Arthurian Literature

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Describe how the classic tale 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' focuses on the importance of chivalry. Do you think there are such explicit codes of behavior that we honor today? What role does such a code play in a society that mandates them? What are the dangers of having or of not having such a code?
Do we still believe in such conventions and if so, in what parts of our society or in your life do they exist? Do you believe that such formalities help keep a culture together or that they create problems such as racism, classicism and so on.
Do further research to see what you can understand about the King Arthur legend. How does this legend, its grand ideas about Camelot, manifest in our society today?
Try to relate traditional fictional terms such as plot, character and setting to this tale. Are these literary terms helpful when dealing with Medieval Literature? Why or why not?

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In order to help you understand this task, please allow my notes to guide you:

First, to assist you with your report base, please note that Sir Gawain and the Green Knight focuses on the importance of chivalry. Chivalry is shown as he accepts the challenge to protect Arthur and Camelot's reputation. He uses honor to uphold the code.

In addition, you might emphasize the five ways in which Gawain serves as a chivalric symbol in terms of Franchise, Fellowship, Cleanness, Courtesy, and Charity.

When looking at if there are such explicit codes of behavior that we honor today, I feel that we seem to teach kinds such moral and behavioral codes as "Love Thy Neighbor" and other tenets such as The Golden Rule. However, it seems like such codes are lost in today's society due to too much violence and sex.

Research suggests that chivalry today is dead. Please note that one source says, "Chivalry has indeed seemed to become irrelevant today and that is a tragic loss for both men and women. Women refuse to hold men to the standards necessary to achieve the genteel honor that we have lost. Women are disrespected in today's ...

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