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Alcohol consumption and the 18 year old

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Should I8 years old be allowed to drink? write a response to this making as many

logical mistakes disagreeing with it.

you can find an examples of fallacies on this link:


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Of course 18 year olds should be allowed to drink LIQUIDS and they should be taught about alcohol. Simply because some adults are able to drink a little alcohol--one or two drinks--without any seeming ill effects and continue to function does not necessarily mean that alcohol is a safe substance to consume for others. For those who lack the enzyme to process alchol into the components of sugar, water and carbon dioxide, the alcohol gets stuck in the person's system as acetone which creates the phenomenon of craving--causing the consumer to drink more and more until the craving is gone. This lack of the enzyme is found in about 10% of the population and accounts for a lot of the tragic vehicle accidents. This can also account for what is termed "blackout" drinking--when consumers drink so ...

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Alcohol consumption and the 18 year old