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    Solution pertaining to discomfort after alcohol consumption

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    A 40-year-old manager, at a prominent legal firm in L.A., experiences abdominal pain post lunch. He goes to the restroom a couple of times, but continues to experience pain and cramps. He eventually decides to get himself examined. While questioning him, you learn that he consumed two bottles of beer at lunch. The alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol) content in a 12 oz. bottle of beer is about 5%. The man's weight is 150 lbs and he was drinking over an hour period.

    State the chemical reaction that took place in the patient's body.

    Identify the substance produced in the liver that helps catalyze this reaction.

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    After consuming ethanol (CH3CH2OH), an oxidation reaction is initiated by the body to convert ethanol to acetaldehyde. The reaction looks like ...

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    This solution includes the chemical reaction, including required enzymes, for the specific case of discomfort after alcohol consumption.