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    Hypothesis Test with Cohen's d

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    In a study examining the effects of alcohol on reaction time it was found that even moderate alcohol consumption significantly slowed the response time to an emergency situation in a driving simulation. In a similar study researchers measured reaction times 30 minutes after each participant consumed 6 ounces of wine. Again they used a standardized driving simulation task for which the regular population averages u=400 msec. The distribution of reaction times is approximately normal with 0= 40. Assume that the researcher obtained a sample mean of M= 422 for the n=25 participants in the study.

    Are the data sufficient to conclude that the alcohol has a significant effect on reaction times? Use a two tailed test with o = .01.

    For this sample the standard error is ______, and the value of the z score is _____. with o=.01 the boundaries of the critical region are _____. Therefore the date _____sufficient to conclude that alcohol has a significant effect on reaction time.

    Do the data provide evidence that the alcohol signifiant increased (slowed) reaction time?use a one tailed test with o= .05

    The date ____provide evidence that alcohol significant increased (slowed) reaction times as the value of the z-score is _____the boundary of the critical region ____of obtained using one tailed test with o=.05

    Compute cohens d to estimate the size of the effect.
    Cohens d=_____

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