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Children with ADHD and TV

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Recent results suggest that children with ADHD also tend to watch more TV than children who are not diagnosed with the disorder. Tto examine this relationship a researcher obtains a random sample of n=36 children 8 to 12 years old who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Each child is asked to keep a journal recording how much time is spent watching TV. The average daily time for the sample is M=4.9 hours. It is known that the average time for the general population of 8 to 12 year old children is 4.1 hours with alpha = 1.8. are the data sufficient to conclude that children with ADHD watch significantly more TV than children without the disorder. use a two tailed test with alpha = .05. if the researcher had used a sample of n=9 children and obtained the sample mean would the results be sufficient to reject Ho? compute cohens d for this study.

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Ho: mu=4.1
Ha: mu is not equal to 4.1
This is a two ...

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The expert examines children with ADHD and TV. The expert computes cohens d for the study.