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Can you please correct the sentences. Please re-write the whole letter. Letter should be professional.......Please add few more lines..... Here is the information.......

Dear Purchasing Manager,

Here is the brief description this is about our item number 965000 information Controller 29374537 HPCI. We are supposed to receive this part back in August, 2012. However, the company (XG) who supplies this parts no longer in business, it has been bought by FE Company... Due to company transition change, FE Company is not sure if they have all the data from XG Company.....

After I received all the information about this component and contact phone numbers from Dave (our Maintenance Supervisor), Bill (Electrician Supervisor) and Tony (Store Supervisor).
Then I have called several members of FE Company to expedite the process. I also informed FE company operation leader & managers to get this part expedited. As FE Company informed that this component is made in Germany. FE Company used all there resources to find source with in USA who is the distributor and manufacturer for the company located in Germany. Finally on Sunday 06/09/2013 @ 10:01 AM FE Company found a company in Georgia who makes this parts. Currently I have order 2 which are currently in transit.

Further my discussion with David (FE Company - Operation Leader) informed that he has emailed spare parts list to Lisa in Houston, Texas. He is waiting for approval for spare parts list.

Thank you

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This was a business letter to a purchasing manager dealing with a supplier.

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Dear Purchasing Manager:

This is a brief description about our Item number 965000 information that may be needed by Controller 293745537 of HPCI.. We were supposed to receive this part back in August 2012, however, the XG Company who supplied these parts no longer is in business and it was bought by the FE Company. Due to the company ...

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