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Tone of voice in argumentative writing

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1) You are a student in Professor Jones's class and you find an error in her syllabus. Write her a note describing the error. Use a voice that conveys a tone of condescension and arrogance.
2) Write a response to the first scenario in your normal writing voice. What is the difference? What similarities do you see?

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1) For Professor Jones:

I am one of your students in your ENG105 class. I have located an error on the syllabus, and you have seemed to left out a section of information in regards to extra credits. I was wondering if there will ever be extra credits' opportunities from this class. It just seems to me that you may have left out this section on purpose to stress us out. I'm a freshman in college; I know my writing skills may not be perfect. However, I would like to know that there WILL be extra credit assignments so that there may be room for mistakes in early or later stages of the future ...

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