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    Statement Of Events And People Through History

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    Please help find a brief statement of the event or person on the following list?

    Baroque 1550-1700 A.C.E.
    1. Rembrandt
    2. Caravaggio
    3. Thirty Years' War
    4. Taj Mahal
    5. Bach
    6. Vermeer
    7. Christopher Wren
    8. El Greco
    9. Galileo
    10. Defoe

    Enlightment 1700-1800 A.C.E.
    1.James Watt
    2.Maria Theresa
    3.Antoine Watteau
    4.Francois Boucher
    5.Willaim Hogarth
    6.Thomas Gainsborough
    7.Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii
    8. Frederick ii of Hohenzollern
    9. Voltaire
    10. Jean Huber.

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