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Self- Concept

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1) Describe in detail with examples, etc. where your self-concept came from.
List the definition of self-concept and have a description of where YOUR self-concept came from that paralleled the definition.

DEFINITION: A relatively consistent image or set of perceptions that you have about yourself.
Make sure it is in complete sentences

2) Give an example of how self-fulfilling prophecy can play a part in defining
someone's self-concept.
-In the response list the definition of "self-fulfilling prophecy
-have a description of how self-fulfilling prophecy can play a part in defining someone's self-concept
Please add an illustration for this question
DEFINITION: The tendency to live up to the expectations created for us.

3) Describe how you communicate your gender identity non-verbally in a face-to-face situation at this point in your adult life. --In other words, how do you non-verbally communicate that you are masculine?
-have a description of how you non-verbally communicate your masculine gender identity presently!

4) Describe how you might communicate differently by email as you go between two different social identities. For instance, how does your email communication change from communicating with
co-workers than when communicating with friends?
-describe how you change between any two other of your social identities. Be sure to use specific examples for each social identity.
-have a description of how YOU communicate differently via email between two different social identities.
-include two specific social identity examples...

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Perhaps here you do not understand the definition of self-concept. This is how people feel about themselves. Some people have a lot of confidence in their inner abilities or their appearance, so they are outgoing and confident. Others lack a positive self image and easily lack confidence in themselves and their ability. A good example of this is how we feel about our outward appearance. Not many people are happy with how they look in the mirror, and I am no exception! This has to do with self-concept because it focuses on the constant image that a person has about him/herself. If you focus your example on something like this, you will have a good response for this!

This is close to the first one, but here, self-fulfilling prophecy has to ...

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The expert examines self-concept prophecy descriptions. How you would communicate your gender identity non-verbally in a face-to-face situation is determined.

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I am having trouble understanding these concepts, although it seems relatively easy, I am still having some difficulty. I know about Rogers concept of the "self", but I am not sure if that applies to the "social" world??--I have to prepare a presentation, and I am having brain-block, and struggling where to start. Can you please answer the following in personal terms, for better understanding?

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Examine the concept of "the self." As a part of your examination, be sure to address the following items:

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