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    Rate the following preliminary thesis statements

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    From a rating of good, adequate or poor. How would you rate the following, and if rated poor, how would you improve on it.

    1)Street language is always vibrant and lively.

    2) Some people talk in metaphors.

    3) The image of water in Whitman's Leaves of Grass usually signals a rebirth symbol and a passage to new life.

    4) For many children, school is a place of trouble, and their main business of the day is staying out of trouble as much as possible.

    5) Video game systems are overrated.

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    Here are my ratings in the same order in which you listed the thesis statements. Below my ratings, I have included a few comments about thesis statements.

    1) Adequate
    2) Poor
    3) Adequate
    4) Adequate
    5) Poor

    A thesis statement is a single, declarative sentence of fewer than 25-words. It presents a definite point of ...

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