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Motivation and Financial Rewards

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A. Compare and Contrast two theories of Motivation.
1. Maslow's Needs Hierarchy Theory
2. McClelland's Learned Needs Theory
3. Four-Drive Theory
4. Expectancy Theory of Motivation

B.Are financial rewards still the best motivator of human beings at work? Include:
1. Introduction
2. Content
3. Conclusions
4. Professionalism
5. Referencing

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My chosen two theories of motivation: Hierarchy vs. Four-Drive

Money, status, recognition, or just being the best; these are all reasons as to what motivates individuals when it comes to work. Just as there are many reasons, there are just as many theories of motivation. Though many may think Frederick Winslow Taylor's Theory of Scientific Management, which argues that pay is the biggest motivation, is the most accurate, theories such as Maslow's Needs Hierarchy Theory and the Four-Drive Theory are worth reviewing.

When thinking of motivations, many may still immediately think of Frederick Winslow Taylor's theory. Sure, money is a motivator, and in today's society, it may seem like the only necessary motivator. However, is money truly the sole motivator for most people today? According to Maslow's Needs Hierarchy Theory, people are motivated to achieve certain needs. Once one need is met, they simply move on to the next (SimplyPsychology). The immediate needs are the basics. This could include finances, food, shelter, and those that may be considered the bare minimum. This is the lowest in the hierarchy, but can also be seen as the most important, at least initially. In order to achieve higher need levels, they need to accomplish the lowest first.

According to Maslow's theory, in order for an employer to successfully motivate their employees, they would need to ensure their basic or lower level needs were met before any others (csi-international-inc.com). With each level that would be accomplished, employees would be motivated ...

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The expert compares and contrasts two theories of motivation. Maslow's needs for hierarchy theory are given.

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