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    Motivation without Financial Rewards

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    Being able to motivate your team is a key issue. Financial rewards, assigning interesting work, creating professional relationships are some of the methods for motivating employees. Even if I have the best team being allocated to a project, after some time, the motivation level of the team can decrease during the project for any number of reasons.


    Suppose you found yourself in a situation where your team was losing motivation. If you couldn't offer financial rewards, what else could you do to increase motivation?

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    Motivation usually comes in two forms: reward and punishment. Often monetary rewards are considered the best motivation, however, according to Forbes magazine (4.6.10) "emotional sources of motivation are more powerful." These emotional sources of motivation can include respect and how people feel about their work. Frederick Herzberg thought the most effective way to motivate behavior was how employees felt about the work itself. This can include working conditions, selection of assignments, and pride in one's work, as well as developing emotional connections.

    If my team was losing motivation I would evaluate the working conditions and make sure that employees had as much control over their work situation as possible. The ability to know the company's boundaries and then establish one's own method of working, if possible, including time and place can be a powerful motivator. I would also make sure that the workspace provided was clean and appealing. Eliminating clutter, noise, and making sure there are amenities like clean restrooms and fresh coffee, adds in a small way to increase employee motivation. In ...

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