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Mistreatment in the Workplace

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Think of a situation that happened in the workplace in which you or someone you know was treated unfairly, based on reasons stemming from individual differences. As you summarize this experience, answer the following:

Describe the circumstances of the situation.
In your opinion, describe how you or this person were mistreated, and how this mistreatment suggests a universal diverse orientation was not in place.
Describe how the ability to have been fully empathetic in this situation may have been restricted.
Knowing what you know now, describe what would be a better way to handle the situation.

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Solution Summary

The mistreatment in the workplace are discussed. The ability to have been fully empathetic in the situation restricted is discussed.

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Here's how you can approach this assignment.

Think of a time when you worked with a specific person. What kind of conversations did you have--what were they about?

Make a list of what you said to each other

Make a list of what kinds of tasks you were required ...

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