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Implications of Employee Subordination

Case 02:
One of my peers manages an employee that advised her of problems in the workplace. The employee said that the manager had frequent blow ups in the office and she intimidated her subordinates to the point of tears. The employee did some additional background investigations on the manager and she uncovered the fact that the manager had a behavioral disorder. The employee has decided to rally the troops in an effort to stop the inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Do you feel the employee experiencing these issues in the workplace should attempt to "rally the troops"? Why or why not? If this is not an appropriate course of action, what should she do to stop these "rants"?

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Rallying the troops is not an appropriate course of action from the employee. The employee and the other employees that have been affected need to approach senior management - their manager's boss to discuss the events that have been taking place. Intimidation in the workplace is wrong, plain and simple. Intimidation from a manager, other ...

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This solution includes a detailed discussion of a manager that has a behavioral disorder and frequent blowups. A detailed analysis of the appropriate actions employees should take is provided.