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Subordinated groups

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What are 2 specific groups that you have observed being subordinated? Describe the situations. How do you think the affected individuals were affected?

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Subordinated Groups

When we talk about subordinated groups, we refer to a kind of classism. Classism is the deferential treatment of people by others based on their perceived social class or their assumed membership in certain social and ethnic groups. Subordination of others can be done through the following means:
1. Attitudes and behaviors towards a group or a person,
2. Policies and practices of government and organizations that result in inequality where others get more than those subordinated,
3. Cultural and social rationale and attitudes that allow for the persistence of classism.

Classism and subordination is a common ...

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The solution provides a discussion of subordinated groups, examples of subordinated groups and a discussion of their subordination, in particular, its effects to individuals. references are listed for further exploration of the topic. a word version of the solution is also attached.

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