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Meaning of Commitment

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To be effective, plans require commitment by those responsible for implementing and supporting the plan.

Before making a commitment, a project member analyzes what it will take to meet it. Project members who make commitments should continually evaluate their ability to meet their commitments, communicate immediately to those affected when they cannot meet their commitments, and mitgate the impacts of being unable to meet their commitments.

To establish a project that is feasible, obtain commitment from relevant stakeholders and reconcile any differences between the estimates and the available resources. Reconciliation is typically accomplished by lowering or deferring technical performance requirements, negotiating more resources, finding ways to increase productivity, outsourcing, adjusting the staff skill mix, or revising all plans that affect the project or schedules.

Q1. In general, what is the meaning of "commitment"?

Q2. In the above 3 cases, what is the meaning of "commitment"?
(please rephrase the sentenses)

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In this sentence, it means that members must be dedicated or devote to the plan or task. ...

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