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Ineffective Communication Styles

I'm working with this scenario: A team member submits his/her part of a paper and it is very poorly done.

I need to explain at least 3 obstacles that threaten the effectiveness of the group with ineffective communication styles, processes, and roles.

I am having trouble making sense of this and putting it together.

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These would be my choices as to why the paper was not done as well as expected. Each can cause problems. I once was in a group where one young man was never on time, waited until the last minute to hand in work, and it was never up to the standards set by the rest of the group. Through several classes he would always request to be in our group because he decided he did not have to work as hard and we would pick up the slack for him. We finally made every paper into a draft process. After two classes with this process, he stopped asking to be in our group.

1. The members of the team did not clarify expectations to all. When a group divides jobs, members have expectations. If those expectations are not defined, clarified, ...

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Ineffective communication styles are examined.