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    Guidance for an Argumentative Essay.

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    How to write an argumentative essay using a controversial topic.

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    1. Introduce your topic and why it is important

    E.g. Topic - Healthcare Reform
    The Healthcare Reform Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama in March 2010. The purpose and intent of the law is to provide affordable healthcare coverage to all Americans. The importance of having healthcare coverage is vital to the overall health of individuals. As without insurance, accessing healthcare services can be expensive and unattainable for most Americans. In 2010, it is estimated that 49.9 million Americans did not have healthcare insurance.

    The lack of insurance and/or access to healthcare services can lead to poor health which can begin a cycle of missed work days, diminished quality of life, homelessness, unemployment, et cetera.


    The new law not only ensures that all Americans are insured, but also provides protections for multiple groups. According to Healthcare.gov, insurance companies can no longer limit or deny benefits to children, under the age of 19, for pre-existing conditions. Provisions may also be made available to adults with pre-existing conditions. Prior to the implementation of the law, insurance companies were able to limit or deny coverage based upon the fact that health conditions existed prior to the effective date of the policy.


    Young adults, most enrolled in college, can now remain on their parents insurance policies until age 26 on most health plans. This is a great benefit to the college students who may not have been able to afford an individual policy due to limited resources. According to Healthcare.gov, most insurance companies dropped coverage for children at age 19.


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