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Feedback letter regarding a manager

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I need a help on making this letter more formal and organize with better word and sentences. This is more like feedback letter regarding disagreement about my peers comments towards my manager.


Hi John,

Just want to let you know that I did not like the way that my Lead (Co-worker) provide my feedback to my manager on today's meeting.
As you know he make a comment directly to you that "I am just mumbling in 1 report for a month".
It is important for me that you understand that I am not just mumbling in 1 report for a month.
I would like to highlight the list of things that I am working on Jul/Aug time frame.
I would like to provide more feedback on our next 1:1 so we can define the process which helps me to improve going forward.

New Report Development

SDR Detail Reports

6 Primary & Specialty Care Monday Reports
6 Primary & Specialty Care Prompt Reports
4 Summary Reports

Total of 16 new reports which include development and testing.

Cognos platform Migration Silver Spring to NAPA - Taking lead role and making sure it will be done on time
This include creating RFC/Communication with SAE/user credential clean up/Reports, Packages, data source connection testing.

Actively involve in SDR Design/ETL and helping them however by doing testing and validation.

Worked on weekend and afterhours when there is an issue.

Provide data extract for Christy team so Tim and Steve can validate the data and helping them answering questions when needed.

SDR Average Calculation - About this new changes we found out that the way we calculating the average was unclear from the requirement doc/mock up/Tim Demo and Steve vs Tim Cal
so we decided to wait for Mark's feedback which one we suppose to follow; once its clear all we need to put the calculation in place.

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Hi John,

J ust want to let you know that I did not like the way that my ...

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