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Edited contractor letter


Can you please correct the sentences. Please re-write the whole sentences and add few more lines.

Dear Contractor,

1.) Can you please provide a list of all Radio Frequency sources and their operating frequencies?

2.) Provide provide some information on the expected environmental variations the system may encounter? like temperature and humidity highs and lows, etc.

3.) Please provide the speed sensor signal characteristics at the speed limit. This would include voltage and / or frequency characteristics?

4.) Real Time implementation of proximity modules means?

This means, if the supplier has installed proximity modules in the previous mines and to show the previous installation history of proximity modules in other mines. Demonstrate work experience in related fields as identified in the Scope of work. Provide information sufficient to evidence that the proponent meets with minimum experience and past performance requirements.

Thank you

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Indirect labor employees 300
Hours per year 1,600
Number of hours in a year 480,000

Cost per employee per year $50,000
Total yearly costs of indirect labor $15,000,000

Type of engines Basic Sport Heavy duty Basic Sport Heavy duty Total
Workings Indirect labor hours
Units produced 500,000 150,000 50,000
Number of inspections per engine 2 3 4
Inspection time per engine (hours) 0.10 0.20 0.30
Total inspection time 100,000 90,000 ...

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Information on the expected environmental variations the system may encounter are provided.