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consonant articulation

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What are the sounds represented by the midsagittal diagrams that I have attached below? What is the "place" and "manner "of articulation.? What is the IPA symbol that represents the sound ( there may be two symbols (voiced, voiceless) for some diagrams )?

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Consonant articulation is depicted. The midsagittal diagrams and IPA symbols that represent the sounds are analyzed.

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I loved this stuff when I took it! It's so cool to understand how we make the sounds in our language. To work out the answers to these questions, you'll need a copy of your IPA phonetic symbols and their English equivalents. And you'll need your class notes or a text book that discusses the the various places (e.g. labial, velar) and manners (e.g. plosive, fricative) of articulation. I'm presuming you have these at hand. I'll deal with A. first.
<br>A. First, try to mimic the position of the lips, teeth and tongue (i.e. lips together, teeth slightly apart, tongue not touching the palate). Now, without letting any air out between your lips, try pushing the air out of your lungs and into your mouth with just ...

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