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Grammar and revision practice

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I need to revise and edit an online essay for placement in an English class. I would like to have some practice before going in for this online test. Can you provide some essays for me to practice on?

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Provides 6 essays to practice revising and correcting grammatical errors.

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Hi there!
I have included 6 essays. The first four are on the same topic, and the last 2 are on literature/movies. You will want to look at the structure of the argument--does it follow the thesis? Look at grammar problems, transitions between ideas, sentence variation, and style. These are all things they will want you to work on for the placement, at least in my experience.

Essay 1:

In today's society students of today has different ways of dealing with learning and education. Therefore, I beleive that teacher should ask the question what it is really students needs to know about themself and the ways students look at the learning process. The point to this problem, that people are trying to find out for several years, but everyone see it differently, say that the understanding of learning starts at home, school or even upon one's own, but no knows where it really starts.
If people look at the first stage of learning they may say it begin at home. I say it is the surroundings where that person is being raise in, which is entirely different from a school surroundings. Another, aspect of learning has to do with one's own common-sense. Students can not think without that active force which is common-sense, without this force their will be no need for life. More so, the whole point to learning is that it represent by an extension to the brain.
As I look at the difficulties of learning the are not many. It has to do with ones own self, because neither teachers or students have been able to over take the understanding of learning except to come up with a right or wrong answer to their problem, because it was to be true in society .If people look into some of the things are being asked by teachers, the would see that their learning process is being taken away from them. While teachers are hoping that later the can develop sense of learning.

Essay 2:
Everyone has a different point of view. Every human has his/her own abilities to distinguish right from wrong. Even that some humans do not develop the skills necessary to do this task. But, as what Lewis Thomas states, "It is human to make mistakes".
Lewis concept of "error" is that it is ok to make a mistake as a human. Make mistakes is in our DNA as a function from where we can learn. As humans we make mistakes it is natural but as humans we also have learn how to make that mistake a positive error. Humans make mistakes everyday but also learn from them. Some mistakes can be helpful or harmful at the same time. A mistake that is unspected, can be helpful in the future for human society .
Understanding means that a student is able to confront a question in any way that question is written. Understanding means that a student has the abilities necessary to develop the skills he/she has learn this is the concept that Howard Gardner means by "understanding". The way he finds out that schools often fail to help students to achieve it are: schools show a material in the same pattern and schools don't help students to develop the skills necessary to apply what the students learn. The connections that both authors have are similarities. The two authors Lewis and Howard express that "mistakes" and understanding" are two human functions. Functions that come in our DNA and we humans develop them. As humans we fmd a way to handle them the best way we can.
As a student a support both authors. I support Lewis Thomas because I have experienced mistakes from which I have learn. An example is when I was trying to learn how to walk. At that moment a made different mistakes that later on help to find a way to walk. I also support Howard Gardner conclusion of understanding. I have been in schools where the teachers don't really teach a student the skills to apply what he/she has learn. Those experiences in school make me support Howard conclusion. Furthermore, I also believe that is not only ok to make mistake but that they are necessary in order to progress. Understanding is a human skill that we are born with but that we need skills in order to develop that understanding.

Essay 3:
The definition of understanding is not knowing. Many students and educators believe if a student can recite or rememberize answers they understand the material. Howard Gardner and Linda Simon disagree with this belief.
Howard says, "If you answer questions on a multiple-choice test in a certain way, or carry out a problem set ...

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