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    Physical punishment of children

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    Discuss points for and against parents using corporal punishment on children.

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    Write argumentative essay for and against parents using corporal punishment on children.
    Ever since humans have been having children, raising them with a practice of hitting for disciplining them has been around, as well.
    Sometimes children may act impulsively. They need to be rescued in the nook of time, before they would hurt themselves or someone else, an animal, another child, or an adult.
    In this situation, it may be necessary to nudge a child, but gently.
    While hitting a child is not considered a good discipline practice for raising children, many times when younger siblings fight with one another and one is more frequently beating or hitting the other or in other physically harming and teasing the other, such as hair pulling, biting or pinching, and then running away, it will serve well to the child who does so, when they experience the same mistreatment.
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    This solution provides reasons against and for physical punishment of children and discussion around its consequences