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Reactive Power Absorbed by a Line

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Two balanced, in parallel connected, three-phase loads are fed by a three-phase line with an impedance of (2+j4) Ohm per phase. The first load is delta-connected with an impedance of (60 ? j45) Ohm per phase, and the second load is Y-connected with an impedance of (30 + j40) Ohm per phase. The line is energized at the sending end from a 60-Hz, three phase balanced voltage source with line-to-line voltage of 120(sqrt(3))V rms. The phase voltage and the per-phase current delivered by the source are given as:
V1 = 120V and I = 5 angle 0 degrees correspondingly. Calculate the total three-phase real and reactive power absorbed by the line.

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Solution Summary

This solution includes calculations and three answers: (1) at load 1, (2) at load 2, and (3) at line.

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First Load
Delta-connected with an impedance of Z_delta(1) = 60 - j45
Convert the delta load to an equivalent Y: Z_Y1 = Z_delta(1) / 3 = (60 - j45)/3 = 20 -j15

Second Load
Y-connected with an ...

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