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    Inductive Circuit: Real, Apparent, and Reactive Power

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    ** Please see the attachment for the circuit illustration **
    Please help with the given assignment:
    For the circuit given in the attachment, the power factor is 0.72 lagging and the power dissipated is 375 W.

    Determine the:
    (i) apparent power,
    (ii) reactive power,
    (iii) the magnitude of the current flowing in the circuit, and
    (iv) the value of the impedance Z and state whether circuit is inductive or capacitive.

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    The relation between the real power (P), reactive power (Q) and the apparent power (S) is: S = P + jQ .........(1)

    Equation (1) can be represented in the form of a power triangle as follows:
    (please see the attached file)

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    This solution provides detailed calculations and an explanation with sketches of the power triangle and the impedance triangle in an attached Word document.