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Thermal conductivity

A 4 m diameter sphere is embedded in insulation. The sphere contains a liquid-ice mixture maintained at 0 deg C. The ambient temperature surrounding the insulation is 25 deg C. The heat loss is 400 W. What is the temperature conductivity of the insulation?

a) Less than 0.5 W/m-deg C

b) 0.5 to 1.0 W/m-deg C

c) Greater than 2 W/m-deg C

d) none of the above

Solution Summary

Thermal/temperature conductivity K, is the property of a material that indicates its ability to conduct heat which is related to the abount of heat by Q=KA (ΔT/x),Where Q is the rate of heat flow (heat flow per unit time), A is the area through which the heat is transporting , ΔT is the temperature difference and x is the thickness of conducting surface separating the two temperatures.