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    Determine the stress and critical load

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    A hollow brass rod is pin jointed and loaded in compression as shown. Knowing that the length L = 3 m, outside diameter D = 60 mm, and the wall thickness t = 10 mm, determine the critical load P. Use E = 105 GPa. Determine the normal stress at the critical load and what is the strain energy of the brass rod at the critical load?

    Critical load

    a. 84.8 kN
    b. 72.4 kN
    c. 58.8 kN
    d. 45.2 kN


    a. 31.45 J
    b. 39.75 J
    c. 44.47 J
    d. 62.9 J

    Normal Stress

    a. 32.15 MPa
    b. 37.44 MPa
    c. 41.87 MPa
    d. 47.75 MPa

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