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    Tensile Test on As Drawn Brass

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    From the test results:

    Draw load vs extension graph

    Determine modulus of elasticity

    Determine the 0.1% proof stress

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    1. Use the results in Table Q2. from a tensile test on 70/30 brass, to:
    (i) Draw the load vs extension graph;
    (ii) Determine the Modulus of Elasticity;
    (iii) Determine the 0.1% proof stress.
    TABLE Q2
    Test Results for 70/30 As Drawn Brass

    Test Piece: Gauge Length 50mm
    Cross Section Area, ...

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    Test Results for 70/30 As Drawn Brass ...
    Modulus of elasticity = ...
    From the graph, the 0.1% proof stress = ...