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Waste concern for industries

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Can you help explain the wase concern for industries

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Composites are increasingly being used in construction due to their light weight, ease of installation, low maintenance, tailor made properties, and corrosion resistance. At present the most common disposal method for composite waste is landfill. To assist in the transition from disposal in landfill to recycling, the composite industry needs to consider designing materials and components for easier deconstruction, reuse and recycling at the end of the product life.
The most cost effective and environmentally beneficial option of waste management is not to produce the waste in the first place. By reviewing the manufacturing process it may be possible to identify a method which results in less production waste. Waste minimisation may be useful to consider in the face of increasing landfill charges and the development of corporate environmental policies. It could also identify where practicable cost savings can be made.
Reuse should be used effectively, but there are many challenges. A composite material contains at least ...

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