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Two Major Corporations: A Fit for Environmentally Conscious?

Research the Websites of two major corporations in different industries (examples: manufacturing, retail, transportation, utilities, healthcare, communication). What conclusion do you reach about whether an environmentally conscious (or green) person would fit in these companies?

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I looked at Starbucks (www.starbucks.com) in the retail industry. I picked Starbucks because of the huge amount of trash the corporation generates through their paper cups and napkins. On their website there is a special section titled "Recycling & Reducing Waste" which includes a link to Starbuck's "Responsibility Goals & Progress Report". The company states that they have been "tackling recycling and waste reduction on many fronts" (Starbucks, 2011) including developing recyclable cup solutions and encouraging customers to use reusable cups. In addition they have a 'Grounds for Your Garden' program in which they offer customers complimentary bags of used coffee grounds to enrich garden soil. ...

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This solution researches the websites of two major corporations in different industries and discusses if an environmentally conscious person would fit in these companies. It includes links and examples.