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    Solving for Feedback Control Systems

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    Find T(y/r), assuming a standard structure and algebraic quantities, find g and f to get tracking, T(y/r) E [0.98, 1.02] with pE[1,5].

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    a) Find TF(Y/R):
    Input to block A: Call it X
    X = {R - Y*(C+D)}

    Now, Y = {AX + CY - X }*B
    Y = {X(A-1) + CY}B
    Y(1-BC) = (A-1)BX
    Y(1-BC) = (A-1)B{R - Y*(C+D)}
    Y {1-BC+B(A-1)(C+D)] = R*(A-1)B
    TF: Y/R = ...

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