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Feedback Control Systems - System Specifications

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For a band pass system with unit step input. (See attachment for equations.)

For a CD player, a step force of 2N must result in a head velocity error of not more than...(See attachment for details.)

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The feedback control systems and system specifications are given. The answers are given step-by-step with a short explanation.

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For a CD player, step in force of 2N results in head velocity error of not more than 1.0E-03 m/sec.

Input Disturbance = Di(s) = 2U(t) ... UNit Step of height 2
Ypeak = Yp = 1.0E-03 = 0.001

Plant = P(s) = 1/(0.03s+2) = 33.33/(s+66.67)

Damping coefficient = p = 0.7

Find T[Y/Di] - second-order Transfer function

Sketch rough Bode mag. and output

If controller gain is doubled and damping remained constant @ 0.7, change in ...

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