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Comunication technology

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I was wondering if you can please help me with the solution to the following questions.

1a. When a square wave with a fundamental frequency of 2khz and amplitude 5v and comprised of up to five odd harmonic (each successive odd harmonic having half the amplitude of its predecessor) is passed though a standard telephone line of bandwidth of 4kHz it was found to be severely degraded. Explain why this happens and draw what may appear on a spectrum analyser and oscilloscope at the input and output of this system assuming there is no attenuation.

1B. A single pole low pass RC filter has component values 100 ohms and 0.1 uf. If a signal Vi = 5 Sin 6283 (t) is applied, calculate:
1) The peak output voltage
2) The phase angle
3) The propagation delay time.

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This solution is provided in 110 words in an attached .doc file, including two graphs. It describes how to find a fundamental sine wave and harmonics, as well as references lowpass filters.

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Answer 1(a):

Fundamental frequency f0= 2000 Hz, so fundamental sine wave is :
s(t)= 5 sin ...

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