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Improve writing techniques, successful/unsuccessful communic

1. To improve your current editing skills, what are some of your weak areas? What are some of your weak areas when it comes to writing? What can you do improve these areas?

2. For communication at work, describe what you would consider a successful (and an unsuccessful) incident? Also, provide specific examples of each from your current work situation (or a prior work situation).

about 300 words, no references

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1. Common weak areas in writing and editing, in my experience, include grammar when fomulating sentences and paragraphs, and spelling. Fortunately, in this day and age, most of us have spell check included in whatever word processing software package we might be using. This provides a tool to help both identify our errors and makes suggestions to improve grammar, punctuation and spelling. The best thing that any of us can do to improve our writing skills is to write. To quote an old but true saying, "Practice makes perfect." So, with that said, in order to improve, we must practice our communication skills, both verbally and written. I think with the growing culture of text messages and facebook, we are seeing a new acceptable way to write with you being written as u and a ...

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