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Considering Control Systems

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Question: Consider a system with a block model diagram as shown (*see attachment), and suppose that u(t) is a unit step input. Next consider the plot of the corresponding step response (y)t, also shown, and match it to the appropriate pole locations of the transfer function G(s) = Y(s)/U(s)
U(s) --> [K/(s-p1)(s-p2] --> Y(s)
- {Re (p1,p2) greater than 0; Im(p1,p2) equal to zero}
- {Re (p1,p2) less than 0; Im(p1,p2) not equal to zero}
- {Re (p1,p2) equal to 0; Im(p1,p2) not equal to zero}
- {Re (p1,p2) greater than 0; Im(p1,p2) not equal to zero}
- {Re (p1,p2) less than 0; Im(p1,p2) equal to zero}
*(Please see attached for complete problem and diagram)

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Question E1, Item 5.

Choose only one answer by putting a checkmark in the box. Checking off more than one box invalidates the answer. Also, explain in-detail why such answer is chosen.

y(t) is a pure sinusoid (with no exponential decay) and so the poles are pure imaginary and no real part.

Hence {Re (p1,p2) = 0; ...

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