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Using Theory to Promote Successful Learning Outcomes

Please help me to understand a personal learning experience that was unsuccessful, and explain why the learning experience was unsuccessful. Then, explain which learning theory might be used to inform the instruction in that experience to promote a successful outcome.

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For your assignment, I am choosing to narrow in on operant conditioning and humanistic learning theory. If these are not suitable for your course, please let me know. Since your professor is asking you to highlight a personal learning experience, I am going to provide you with two examples which highlight both of these theories. However, I encourage you to use these examples to stimulate the recollection of your own experiences. By applying theories to your own personal experiences, it will help you retain them for the future (no pun intended).

- - Operant Conditioning - -
So, first, let's look at a story about a boy, Johnny, with a first-grade teacher named, Ms. Skinner. Johnny is learning things like spelling, how to share, take turns, and basic math. Ms. Skinner feels that it is best to use stickers to reinforce her student's "good" behaviors and achievements. Unfortunately, Johnny is having a tough time earning those stars. His best friend, Peggy, has been earning them left and right, and she keeps getting A+'s on quizzes and knows how to share well, etc. Johnny has only four measly stars. Two from ...

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The expert uses the theory to promote successful learning outcomes. The experiences to promote a successful outcome is determined.