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    Education / Special Education and Learning Difficulties

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    I need help with these questions to create and develop a solution for one of my projects.

    Why affective factors related to reading are critically important for students with reading disabilities. Include an example of a student who might have benefited from social, emotional, and motivational support related to his/her reading disability. Evaluate the degree to which this type of support is currently provided in your school's approach to literacy learning, and share your ideas about how to incorporate literacy measures and interventions that focus on affective factors related to reading.

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    I'd like to help you - if I can. I can give you some general help - but I am curious what you project will be about. With that in mind, let me know if we can get you a better solution if what I mention now doesn't work out for you.

    First, I would consider what experiences you have had in the area that you are studying here - affective factors that have affected you in your "reading" lifetime. Or are there other people's experiences that you can draw from? What have you experienced in your life with people of varying abilities, or disabilities, that have shown their relation to reading to you in some way. For example, when I was asked similar questions in my Masters Program, ...

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    This addresses the question that relates to reading disabilities and outlines some ways to relate what has been learned to hands on experience, as well as getting information from local and state agencies.