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    Data Collection, and Sample Population Matrix

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    I need help finishing this matrix. This is my assignment below
    1. identify the type and size of the sample population appropriate for each research methodology listed in the matrix
    2. describe the data collection instruments and techniques appropriate for each research methodology listed in the matrix; be sure to check that the designated data collection instrument is indeed collecting the type of data identified in Mod 2 as appropriate for that methodology and variables (I.e., categorical data vs. continuous data vs. text or images)

    The table to the question is attached.

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    Thank you for posting your assignment, I hope I can help. I'll try to answer how you laid it out above.

    1. It looks like you are being asked to either A. enter a population for the sample population that seems to be an appropriate sample population, or
    B. that you are expected to find the ...

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    This includes some information on where you can look for information if not sure. As well, it indicates about trying to be consistent with layout of paperwork.