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Scenario: You are a consultant hired to review the instructional staff of Lincoln community college. You have collected data on student surveys regarding the instructors' performance. You have also collected data on the ratio of grades given by each instructor. You have gathered both quantitative and qualitative data. Click here to see the data you collected. Review the data. Divide it into quantitative and qualitative. Provide a report that uses descriptive analysis of both types of data. Make recommendations based on the data collected and include in your recommendations additional data that should be collected in order to have a clearer picture of the instructional staff.

Please insure
Quantitative data is identified properly
Qualitative data is identified properly
Descriptive statistics of quantitative data are used properly and described properly
Description of trends identified in Qualitative data
Appropriate recommendations

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Qualitative and quantitative data is identified, defined, and used to evaluate various instructors.