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The New Literacy: Digital Competence

Define the new literacy. What are some ways your level of digital literacy can enhance your classroom environment? Cite specific examples from various grade levels.

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The new literacy is digital competence and includes but is not limited to the knowledge of and ease of maneuvering through assets found on the internet. In the case of education, there is a whole new approach to K12 education, namely k12.com. This new way for students to be educated exists now in the United States, is accredited and with no charge to parents--as an alternative way to have their children educated. This new approach is staffed by credentialed teachers in the specific state in which the Student lives, so there no doubt about the competence of teachers.

In addition to this, in ...

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A definition of new literacy is provided in this solution, as well as how this digital competency can be an asset to the classroom. A few examples of classes using this technique is also provided. This solution is about 433 words.