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Teaching Goals and Objectives

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What could be a personal goal that would enhance one's teaching skills and improve the student's achievement? What types of objectives might be added to this goal to make it obtainable? These questions and answers will be different for every person and every situation.

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Teachers are often asked what their personal goals are to create a successful classroom. With each individual the answers can be so similar yet so different. Every classroom wants the same ultimate goal, SUCCESS for the students. However, how that success is measured, as well as the success of the teacher, will vary from class to class. No two situations are the same and every group of students brings their own set of struggles and successes.

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This could be a very personal assignment that requires your philosophy of teaching. What do you expect to accomplish within your classroom and how to you aim to achieve that goal?

For instance, Goal 1 might state something along the lines of "To improve my ability to adapt my teaching skills to accommodate any styles and groups of learners."

From there, write some objectives as to how you will anticipate ...

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