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    Identifying Barriers in Activating Sectors in the Community

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    Identify the main 'barriers' that you see to activating sectors in your community. What about building consensus? Why? Be specific, but not critical, in your examples. Which of the examples and suggestions in our required readings do you think would be the easiest to implement and would work best in your community? Why?

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    Implementation is the new way of doing work being initiated or introduced in an agency/organization, helping to make a smoother transaction from knowing of the practice to actually implementing that practice in an organization in some sort of organized way (1).

    The main barriers I see to activating sectors in so most communities would be a lack of funding and the lack of interested community members, possibly the lack of time certain members had to give. Many people want to help make a difference, first finding out which sectors would be interested would lower the amount of barriers. The more sectors and member that got involved the more likely it would be able to raise more money together. Everyone has ...

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    Discusses possible barriers in the community when community sectors are activated as well as building concensus in the community.