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Facilitating Training Programs

List at least five questions that could be used to facilitate group or chat discussion on the topic of Developing Training Programs.

Write a paragraph for each question indicating the extent to which question is likely to stimulate useful discussion of this topic and why?

1.What information do I have to support the need for training?

2. Do I design the training or do I let an outsider do it?

3. How much time will I spend doing the planning work? How much latitude can I give a trainer in developing and delivering a course/program?

4. What criteria do I use in selecting a trainer?

5. How much proprietary company information do I want the trainer to know?

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1. Some areas to consider involve data collection. This topic largely determines the need for training. (Student and faculty, library users') surveys/interviews are also helpful sources. You may also examine test scores to access weak areas. For example, if a school has low reading scores, you may want to implement training in reading strategies. When you are looking at reasons for training, you may also want to consider needs assessments.

2. First, think about if you are well versed or skilled in the needed area. If so, you can present the session yourself. Sometimes media specialists present book talks or reading strategies trainings. Technology is also a popular area for training right now. ...

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