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    Education and Assessment in America

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    Watch the video "Linda Darling-Hammond on Competing Internationally." Then, explain the current crisis in America with regards to education and assessment.

    What do you think the cause(s) of this crisis might be?

    What are the possible implications? Explain your reasoning.

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    I viewed the video and found it to be very interesting! Linda Darling-Hammond did a wonderful job in it discussing the differences between foreign nation schools and schools in the USA. She stated that the number one difference is in the way that students are taught. In foreign countries, their teaching and learning system focuses on higher order thinking and performance skills. Their students are trained to research higher learning, write their findings in detail, produce data, and analyze this data. In US schools, students are usually taught a quick unit in class, are given a multiple-choice test, and then move onto the next task. This is ...

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    This posting discusses education and assessment in America. The causes of the crisis are determined.