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    Empirical Articles in Trait Theory and Skills Theory

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    Can you help me to locate two empirical articles on the first empirical article will be related to trait theory.
    The second article will be related to skills theory.

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    Empirical Articles:

    Empirical articles, by definition, use data derived from actual observation or experiment. Original research papers that describe empirical studies and their results are published in peer-reviewed academic journals.

    For your purposes, I have found several articles that you can peruse to find the ones that best fit your needs. These articles should be able to be accessed without a subscription by simply searching Google for them and accessing the full text.

    Trait Theory:

    Trait-names: A psycho-lexical study.
    An experiment was arranged whereby all three judges independently classified into the four selected columns 300 representative words, drawn from the total list according to a principle of representative distribution. The results of this study may be expressed in percentages of the total number of terms that each pair of judges assigned to identically the same columns. Taking only the instances where all three judges agree, we find 141 words or 47 per cent of the list, whereas 6.25 per cent represents the chance ...

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